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Updates & Corrections

Summer 2014 cover Issue 42 — Summer 2014

Lavender Fields (page 12)
From each of the medium purple tonal and dark purple tonal:
One 2¼" x 42" strip; recut into two 2¼"(not 2½") x 21" strips (for Blocks A and B)

Fall 2013 cover Issue 39 — Fall 2013

Mod Love (page 10)
From Fabric A:
Two 2⅜" (not 2⅞") x 42" strips; recut into sixteen 2⅜" squares (for Block 5)

Blocks step 5, 14th line should read Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of each of two 2⅜" (not 2⅞")
Fabric A squares
Spring 2013 cover Issue 37 — Spring 2013

Side By Side (page 56)
Diagram revisions:
Block Diagrams (page 61): Download here.
Quilt Layout Diagram (page 61): Download here.

Winter 2013 cover Issue 36 — Winter 2013

Fire Stacks
CUTTING (page 56)
From the solid mahogany: All 11/2" wide pieces should be cut 1" wide (not 11/2"). All length measurements are correct.

  1. Four-sided logs. Sew 1" x 151/2" and 1" x 41/2" mahogany pieces to the piece A prints, and 1" x 20" and 1" x 41/2" pieces to the piece B prints.
  2. Three-sided logs. Use 1" x 41/2" mahogany pieces on either the right or left sides of print pieces A, C, D, and E.

If mahogany strips have already been cut, trim to 1". If already sewn onto pieces A, B, C, D, and E; trim the logs as follows: A logs to measure 41/2" x 161/2", B logs to measure 41/2" x 21", C logs to measure 41/2" x 13", D logs to measure 41/2" high x 4" long, and E logs to measure 41/2" high x 21/2" long.

Winter's Eve
Tear-out pattern section
#9 Large Feather should say: Cut 30 tan/brown print (not tan white/print)

Winter 2012 cover Issue 34 — Summer 2012

Ginko Petals
CUTTING (page 10)
From the black texture: Six 2" (not 11/2") x 42" strips; recut into twelve 2" x 8" pieces and twelve 2" x 91/2" pieces.
Blocks B and C, Step 3 (page 11)
3. Block B. Referring to the Block B Diagrams and noting orientation, sew a 2" x 8" black texture piece to the bottom of the appliquéd square. Press seam toward the black fabric. Stitch a 2" x 91/2" black texture piece to the right side. Press as before and trim the block to measure 91/2" x 91/2".

Bouncing Wedges (page 55)
Step 2 of the Assembly
Instead of folding the 6-1/2" x 18" cream strip in half, cut it lengthwise into two 3-1/4" x 18" pieces. Stack them both right side up on a cutting mat. Follow the instructions to trim the right side of the strips using the template. Keeping the stacked strips in place, trim the left (non-folded) edge as directed.

Winter 2012 cover Issue 33 — Spring 2012

Butternut Rose (page 42)
The solid toffee voile is #VS06 Toffee (not #VS05 Toffee)

Winter 2012 cover Issue 32 — Winter 2012

Venetian Medallion (page 8)
Fabric panels are often not printed as perfectly as planned and can vary slightly from the original artwork as well as with every print run. The center circle area of the panel used in this quilt might not be exactly square. Follow the instructions below for cutting the panels and step 1 of the Assembly for adding the dark brown strips to the center medallion square.

From the panel print, fussy cut:
Leave the panel piece with borders as one long piece. Place the ¼" line of your rotary ruler on the edge of the black background area on one side of the center medallion. Cut ¼" into the tan area, being sure to keep the ¼" line of your ruler exactly aligned on the edge of the black area as you cut.

Continue along the length of the panel print on the same edge of the next center medallion and then the third center medallion. Remove the border section of the panel length and set aside. Repeat on the opposite side of the medallions. Trim the remaining two sides of each center medallion in the same way. When finished, you should have three center medallion pieces that measure approximately 22½" x 23⅝". Set one medallion aside for the center medallion assembly. (Do not cut into triangles at this point as stated in the directions.)

Make a triangle template by cutting a 22½" square of paper diagonally in half twice. Use one of these triangles for the template. Place the template on each of the 22½" sides of one of the medallion pieces, with the long outer edge of the template perfectly aligned with the outer edge of the medallion piece, and cut out using a rotary cutter and ruler. Repeat on each of the 23⅝" sides, only this time center the template on these two (longer) sides, then cut out. Repeat to cut four more triangles on the other medallion piece. You will have eight triangles total.

Continue as directed to cut the remaining strips from the panel print.

1. Sew the 22½" long strips to the 22½" sides of the center medallion panel piece. Press the seam allowance toward the strips, using extra steam to help smooth away any fullness. Pin the 28½" long strips to the longer sides of the panel piece, noting that the panel sides will be longer than the strips. Align the ends of the strips to the outer edges of the previously stitched dark brown strips and place a pin at each end. Spread the fullness of the panel edge along the length of the dark brown strip using lots of pins. Place the panel against the feed dogs as you stitch to ease in the fullness. Press the seam with heavy steam to smooth away any fullness. Let the piece thoroughly dry after steaming before moving it.
Continue on to step 2 as directed.

Monkey in the Middle (page 40)
⅞ yd. (not ⅝) white dot (#22258-WHI12)


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