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Inside the Spring 2013 Issue

Most homes do not require major facelifts to beautify interior surroundings. Small touches of color and handmade items, especially quilts, can have a dynamic impact. In this issue of Quilt Trends, we're featuring a variety of colorful spring projects, both large and small, to give every room a fresh seasonal boost. From traditional to contemporary and quick and easy to challenging, each project has its own character and style.

For bedrooms, check out Ebb & Flow, Ophelia, and Camellia. All of these quilts offer warmth and grace, yet each one gives a totally different look. Tribal Modern, Turtle Tracks, and Sailaway are ideal for children's beds and family rooms as they are bright and cheerful. Add energy and pizzazz to a living or dining room with Wild-Weather Mosaic, Spring Fever, or Wanderlust. Fun to assemble and even more exciting to display, they have the added benefit of incorporating new techniques. For those of you who started Hope Blooms from our Winter 2013 issue, it's time to embellish! The dimensional flowers, leaves, and butterflies can also be used with other quilts and sewing projects.

Quilts are a personal expression of creativity that not only enhance a room, they also become a functional part of the décor. Whether it be the latest collection of quilting fabrics, pieces from your stash or recycled remnants (see "Quick Weekend Projects"), creating with fabric is an exciting and enjoyable way to beautify your home.

spring issue

Spring 2013


Ebb & Flow by Patti Carey and Susanne Ebsworthy
Beautiful bargello quilts involve a considerable amount of planning, meticulous strip piecing, and careful strip set arrangement, but the reward is well worth the effort. Ebb & Flow was created using Northcott's Island Paradise—Tranquility collection, selected for shade and value. The subtle color changes in the vertical columns create dramatic horizontal curves and waves. kitting info

Tribal Modern by Heidi Pridemore
Decorate a child‘s room with cheerful colors and a fun giraffe print. The simple pattern, modern design, and easy piecing make this project a breeze to sew. kitting info

Island Fiesta by Julia LaBauve and Tammy Silvers
Showcase five of your favorite batiks in a quilt that‘s as cool as a summer breeze. The combination of jewel-toned blue and green batiks with splashes of hot pink and yellow was the impetus for this unique design. To make assembly easy, the blocks are strip pieced and then trimmed. Accurate placement forms the interlocking pattern. kitting info

Ophelia by Debbie Beaves and Ramona Sorensen
Spring greens and blues combine to make a lovely meandering pathway in Ophelia. The double Drunkard's Path blocks are arranged in specific formation and are a creative way to use tone-on-tone prints. Debbie Beaves included the cheery pansy print from her Lovely fabric collection to give this quilt fresh, seasonal appeal. kitting info

Wanderlust by Marge Hallowell and Julie Stegna
A vibrant folksy design that uses color-rich, large-scale fabric scraps. This project features a relaxed approach to appliqué—just cut and attach the shapes where desired! Framed with a scrappy border and machine quilted with an allover carefree pattern, it's quick and fun to create. kitting info

Sailaway by Melissa Lunden
Sail off to dreamland under this surprisingly simple seafaring quilt. An ideal spring/summer design, Sailaway showcases beautiful organic, nautical prints with easy mix-and-match sewing—the fabric is cut in strips that are then randomly matched, sewn, and trimmed. kitting info

Garden Angels by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
You can't go wrong with angels and fairies in a nursery or little girl's room! Sweet and sparkly, Garden Angels uses one printed panel that includes six different endearing angels on a background of tiny metallic stars. The colorful pinwheel blocks, showcasing garden fairies, add even more charm and spirit. kitting info

Camellia by Deanne Quill and Bambi Meyer
Camellias are the feature flower in this captivating queen-size quilt. Bright and soft pinks mixed with pale yellow hues make this an ideal quilt for both spring and summer. The center is composed of large symmetrical sections, giving this project beautiful proportion and balance. kitting info

Side by Side by Melanie Greseth and Joanie Holton
Side by Side consists of one identical block throughout—no sashing, no borders. The clever arrangement and simple strip piecing of a floral, stripe, and check print together with a light and dark tonal, create a beautiful soft patterned effect. kitting info

Turtle Tracks by Cathy Anderson and Elaine Church
Turtle Tracks is a colorful, lively quilt for children and a simply fun quilt to make. Gentle pieced curves and quick-corner border sections go together easily, making this a good design to start with if you've never done curved piecing before. The color palette is bright and fresh, ideal for a spring project. The black-on-white and white-on-black swirl prints act as neutrals when combined with the energetic prints. kitting info

Bloom by Jason Yenter
Large colorful, multi-layered florals offer a wide range of design possibilities, especially for simple kaleidoscope blocks. Jason Yenter used one block pattern that yielded fifteen assorted blocks just by using different areas of the same floral. With added coordinating tonals and an artsy floral garland print, this quilt is fun and deceivingly simple to construct. kitting info

Spring Fever by Joan Shay
These sprightly flowers stay fresh all season! The third in a series of four wall hangings, Spring Fever is a burst of color after a long winter. The appliqués are made using Joan's Appli-bond technique, which bonds two fabrics together to create three dimensional motifs. These motifs can then be curled, shaped, and layered, giving fiber art projects depth and diversity. kitting info

Hope Blooms: Part 2 by Marinda Stewart
Hope Blooms is a unique little quilt packed with ideas and techniques to jump start your creativity. In Part 1 (featured in our Winter 2013 issue), Marinda Stewart showed us how to construct an asymmetrical background that included lattice work and geometric appliqués. This visually interesting background comes to life in Part 2, where we assemble and attach dimensional vines, leaves, flowers, and butterflies. Detailed materials and instructions are provided for each technique, but adjust sizes and materials as desired—the directions are meant to inspire you to experiment when creating your own one-of-a-kind quilt. The embellishments can also be used to decorate clothing and accessories!

Wild-Weather Mosaic by Rose Rotzler
This quilt is all about having fun playing with large, colorful prints and using as many different colors and shapes as you want. Let your inhibitions go, and enjoy a project that has no rules—and create something new and exciting in the process! Wild-Weather Mosaic requires a fleece, cotton, or flannel background and uses no batting, binding, or seam allowances. This quilt is so quick and carefree, you'll want to make another. kitting info

Tulip Tea by Pearl Louise Krush
With spring making its grand entrance, it's time to swap the Mister Hot Toddy wall hanging from our Winter 2013 issue with Tulip Tea. This simply sweet quilt will give your kitchen nook a breath of fresh air—and to remind you to take time to enjoy a relaxing cup of tea. kitting info

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