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Inside the Summer 2012 Issue

The latest fabrics are so gorgeous that it's hard not to want to use them in something! Meanwhile, sewing machines, threads, tools, and books are quite specific and user friendly, which makes the sewing process even more exciting and satisfying. In addition, many television shows and celebrities endorse sewing and decorating, thereby inspiring us to start our own projects. The combination of all of the above, plus the satisfaction one gets from manipulating fabric to create something useful and beautiful, has contributed to sewing's popularity, not just in quiltmaking, but also in the creation of small coordinating accessories.

Smaller projects are rewarding as favorite fabric pieces, even recycled or repurposed fabrics, are being used to create quick stash-friendly items. This was apparent at some of the quilt shows we recently attended, as well as the trade-only New York International Gift Fair at the Javits
Center (January 28—February 2, 2012), where we noticed a wealth of home decor, apparel, and functional products that were made using bits and pieces of fabric.

Also gaining popularity in the quilt world is "modern quilting." Modern quilts are set apart from traditional and art quilts by their primary use of neutral or solid colors with just a hint of print. Simplicity, minimalism, and practicality guide the quiltmaking process, as do improvisational piecing and asymmetry.

As always, we hope Quilt Trends gives you inspiration and possibilities for your own exciting quilts and projects.

—Donna Koenig, editor

summer issue

Summer 2012

Gingko Petals by Patti Carey
Ambrosia by Christine Stainbrook
Summer Chic by Cathy Anderson and Sue Goth
Promenade by Cathy Anderson and Sue Goth
Bold & Bright by Deanne Quill
Drop Cloth by Latifah Saafir
Rainbow Iris Banner by Yolanda Fundora
Bouncing Wedges by Jacquie Gering
Sunshine Puzzle by Sue Harvey and Sandy Boobar
Arthur's Star by Jason Yenter
Enchanted Folly by Kathleen Starr
Fountain Pen by Stephanie Brandenburg
Kokeshi by Marge Hallowell and Julie Stegna
Best Friends by Marge Hallowell and Julie Stegna
Sweet Summer Tea by Pearl Louise Krush
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Quilt Basket by Alison Martin
5 Fun Projects for a Summer Weekend
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San Jose Museum of Quilts & Textiles: Celebrating 35 Years by Suzanne Smith Arney
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susshine puzzle
sunshine puzzle
summer chic
summer chic
arthurs star
arthur's star
drop cloth
drop cloth
best friends
best friends